Our Services

We offer plans for all the national carrier networks. Bring your old phone and port your existing number. We also special order phones at no additional cost. Unlock iphones and androids. Unbeatable pricing!

We offer top dollar for your trade in Cell Phones. Whether you upgraded to a newer phone or left your current carrier and can't use your phone, bring it in to us for Cash. No need for it to lay around. Don't get ripped off by pawn shops offering pennies for high quality phones. We been buying back phones and other small electronics for 18 years and won't be beat.

Over 18 years of experience fixing all types off cell phones. From flips to the latest Iphone, we fix them all. Crack screens, speakers, battery replacements...etc. Average repair is 45 mins. If we don't have the part in stock, we will special order and no extra cost to the customer. Most orders arrive in 4 business days. We use only premium quality screens. Warranty on all repairs! See repair cost tab for current pricing.

Cases, screen protectors, charges...We have all. If out of stock, we can special order and no additional cost to the customer. Lowest prices in Tidewater/Hampton Roads.

I6 - $50 I6s - $55 I6s - $60 I7 - $60 I7 - $65 I8 - $65 I8 - $70 IX - $80 IXS - $80 IXR - $80 IXS MAX - $100 I11 - $85 I11 PRO - $90 I11 PRO MAX - 110 I12 - $120 I12 PRO - $120 I12 PRO MAX - $170 I13 - $130